TradeFolio first release announcement

Wednesday May 16, 2018
TradeFolio First Release announcement

This is my very first post on TradeFolio blog, and I am very excited about sharing my views on our TradeFolio app. TradeFolio has been developed with a goal to make crypto trading easier, fast and effortless as much as possible.

I understand that there are many apps available that provide similar functionality but TradeFolio is all about it’s neat and clean design which you will not find on any other app available on the market. I am actually in love with TradeFolio design.

Let’s talk about TradeFolio first release. We started development of TradeFolio in January 2018 and it’s nearly 6 months we have been working on it. During this time the app has gone through various changes, bug fixes and testing. More than 35 bugs were fixed this month alone. We believe that the app is now in stable conditions however as a fresh release please report any bugs via contact us form at your earliest convenience.

First Release:
The app initially comes with only two exchanges Binance and Bittrex support. The plan was originally to come up with one exchange but we changed our plan later to develop our app with two exchange markets so that we can see how users treat multi exchange functionality. Depending on the user response we will be adding more exchange markets in the future.

1. Full list of markets, separated by base currency. Ability to search by full or symbolic name and sort by volume, price, change, name, last trade, spread etc.
2. Easy to switch between exchanges using picker function on the screen. V1 supports two exchanges but we will be adding more exchanges in the future.
3. Ability to log into exchange markets using API access. Ability to add additional password protection when you log in.
4. Your Limit orders list. Ability to search by full or symbolic name, date and sort by date, name, cost/proceeds, units. You can also see price change since order placement – Requires logging in.
5. Beautiful charting, Time charts VS Order Book Charts – Possibility to set interval (one, five, thirty minuts; hour; day) 6. Valuable price limit alerts, orders action alerts, wallet action notifications.
7. Wallet Management, View coin holdings, withdrawal and deposit of coins (required withdrawals permission at API level). Without withdrawal permission you can still view wallet pie chart, each coin holdings etc.
8. Night mode is set to auto. You can also force enable night mode or disable night mode completely.
9. Ability to select what type of push notification you want to receive such as if you do not want to receive wallet notifications you can disable them from TradeFolio setting page.
10. Ability to place limit orders directly from the timeline chart page. You will also see BUY/SELL indicator within the timeline chart and order book graph.
11. Real-time summary market data, textual order book (asks/bids), and last trades data.

Download it today from Google Play store:
iOS ? IOS app will be developed according to demand.

Future plans:
– More exchanges: What exchange markets to add, we will definitely start a poll or get suggestions by email.
– Dip catcher: Ability to set notifications based on percentage within specified time. For example if you set 20% and 10 minute. If the coin falls 20% within 10 minutes you will receive notification. The setting can be per coin or global setting for all coins. (This is just our rough idea)

If you have more suggestions please just leave us a message.

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