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Ultimate Trading terminal for many bitcoin exchange markets, price alerts & history, order notifications, wallet action alerts etc.

About TradeFolio

TradeFolio is all about trading with style. Have you got accounts with multiple bitcoin exchange markets? Trade Folio will provide you everything you need to be a PRO crypto trader under one roof.

TradeFolio is all about it’s clean and neat design. TradeFolio lets you trade everywhere you are so you do not miss a sudden trading opportunity. You do not need a separate app for price alerts. TradeFolio can be very quick in sending you push notifications for your set price range. It lets you know if your buy or sell order has been filled at particular exchange market, it lets you know if your deposit or withdrawal of coin has been processed.

TradeFolio provides a complete environment for market analysis which consists of clean price candle charts, Order Book graph and live trading updates of any coins (real-time updates).

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Our Features

Neat & Clean Design

TradeFolio UI is best in the market. You would definitely love it.

Timeline Chart

Possibility to set interval (one, five, thirty minuts; hour; day). Auto-update.

Live Trading Updates

You get opportunity to view live trading updates every few seconds of a selected coin.

Customized Search

Ability to search coin by full or symbolic name and sort by volume, price, change, name, last trade, spread.

Chart & Technical Analysis

Friendly and clean timeline candle chart, Real-time order book chart Chart and trade directly from chart page.


Free Night Mode, 25+ Fiat currencies, Enable/Disable type of PUSH notifications, coin price update frequency etc.

Multiple Bitcoin Exchanges

Select between multiple exchange markets such as Bittrex, Binance etc.


Price Alerts with history, Order activity alerts, and wallet action alerts etc.

How does Trade Folio work?

Trade Folio is a terminal mobile app that connects users to various bitcoin exchange markets through exchange API. Users can therefore see data related to coins, prices, last trade updates, ask/bids, order book from the respective exchange in real-time. You can also see and excute buy/sell orders, manage wallet etc by using your own account’s API of respective exchange market. These keys are encrypted and stored on your own device. You are advised to keep the withdrawals off at API level when generating API keys for the TradeFolio.

Why TradeFolio? TradeFolio provides with clean UI design that doesn’t come with any other app. Furthermore some exchanges do not have their own mobile app such as bittrex.

Let’s start today. Click on Google Play icon below and start using your favorite crypto trading app.

  • How do I set price alerts?

    To set price alerts please go to your choice of coin - > on Timeline page just click on "BELL" icon from top right buttons. On BELL page click on "+" sign and enter your desired price. You will get push notification once your selected coin is reaches your set price limit.

  • How do I set coin as favorite ?

    To set coin as favorite alerts please go to your choice of coin - > on Timeline page just click on "Star" icon from top right buttons.

  • Where do I enter API keys?

    Just click on "Setting" icon from top right buttons - > On Setting page click on "Click Here to Configure Exchanges"

  • Are my API keys secure?

    There is no way we can see your keys. Your API keys are encrypted and stored on your own device. However, we cannot offer 100% security for your API keys. As a precaution you are advised to keep "withdrawals" off at API level.

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